Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the syrup more potent than the gummies or do they have about the same potency? 

The syrup and the gummies are about the same in potency. The dosages are equivalent. For example for adults, you should take 1 tablespoon per day or 4 gummies. 4 gummies = 1 tablespoon.

Where are you located and what is the price?

The 16 oz bottles are $25, 32 oz bottles are $45 and the 100 count gummy pouches are $20! We are located in Stewartstown, PA and we ship if you’re not local!

Do you take the syrup daily to avoid colds OR do you take it when you feel a cold coming on?

It’s used daily as a preventive as an immunity booster and all around health. If you end up feeling like you’re coming down with something, you can simply up your dosage!

What's the "shelf life"? 

The syrups are good for 3 months. Because they don’t contain any preservatives, they have to be kept refrigerated. The gummies have citric acid in them which is used as an all natural preservative. They are self stable for 2 months! We use all natural, organic ingredients in my products and local, raw honey.

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